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Monday, March 17, 2014


Dear Business BFF,
I started Mommy’s Business BFF in 2013, when it was called Mommy’s Event BFF.
​I​ wanted to create events for Moms to help inspire them to fulfill their dreams.
After hearing from hundreds of moms, one message was clear, moms want something for themselves that wasn’t related to their families.
Some would like to go back into the workforce but need assistance writing their resume, some want to start their own business but are lost on where to even begin,  and some have a business but need help marketing their dream to others.
At the same time that I was creating networking and social events, I was also meeting moms for coffee multiple times during the week. I was advising them on different networking groups they should join, introducing them to different people and businesses, I was advising them on updating their logo and websites, and I was also teaching moms about social media.
Over and over again,  I would hear from moms how our 1 hour coffee talk really helped them move forward in their lives.
Hearing that really inspired me to move the business in the direction where I could continue that.
​That is how Mommy’s Business BFF launched. The services include the following:
– Creative, out-of-the-box marketing strategies for businesses looking to advertise to moms.
– Assist moms looking to start their own business by guiding them through the process.
– Assist moms looking to go back into the workforce by resume writing tips, detailed list of job search websites, assist with their LinkedIn profile, practice interview questions, and what to wear for the interview.
The main purpose of Mommy’s Business BFF is to be YOUR business BFF. Help you any way I can so you can move forward in your life and fulfill YOUR dreams.
The events we host and speak at are relevant to just that, helping our BFFs.
If I can help you in any way, please email me at or call at 508.353.3465.  If you would like to connect with my on LinkedIn, please click here: Connect on LinkedIn
Your Business BFF,
Ceylan Rowe
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